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'''William T. Kane''' (September 8, 1932 – September 23, 2008) was a physicist for Corning Incorporated, formerly Corning Glass Works, Inc., in Corning (city), New York|Corning, New York, who held patents in crystallography and heat-sensing technology—developments which contributed to the early processing and manufacture of fiber optics. He was also the Corning representative for the establishment of international standards in the use of fiber optics in communications.''Corning Leader'', Corning (city), New York|Corning, New York: Kane attended the University of Colorado at Boulder|Universities of Colorado, University of Kansas|Kansas, and University of Missouri|Missouri in Boulder, Colorado|Boulder, Lawrence, Kansas|Lawrence, and Columbia, Missouri|Columbia, respectively. He procured his...
Birth date{{Birth date|1932|9|8}}
Birth placeJamaica, New York|Jamaica, New York, United States|USA
Death date{{death date and age|2008|9|23|1932|9|8}}
Death placeCheyenne, Wyoming|Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyoming|Laramie County, Wyoming
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